In a nutshell...

I'm a launch manager - with a twist.

The longer story...

I have the skills of a copywriter, the innovation of a marketer, the creativity of a designer, the organization of a project manager, & the tech savvy of an online business manager...with the heart of a passionate changemaker....all in one person! :)

I can help you with...

There's probably nothing you can throw at me that I can't figure out, but my specialties are:

Launch Strategy

From product idea to launch, I can help you build anything you can dream up! Plus, I’m a pro with a launch calendar.

Technology Logistics

Payment gateways, email services, membership sites, event tickets, and project management software — that all integrate together? It can be done!


When someone explains their amazing offer & audience to me, I can see the copy in my head. I know, it sounds weird…but it’s true! I can help you tweak your headlines, sales copy, & blog posts to convert better.

Social Media Strategy

Analysis, planning, & creation of your social media strategy & content. I have a gift for creating engaging content your audience will love.

Content Marketing

Previous clients have called me a “content brainstorming machine.”  I have fun & easy ways to uncover your best ideas & turn them into blog posts, emails, & social media posts. 

Community Management

I have grown many successful communities and know what makes them tick.  I can help you grow yours.


My clients have said...

My Personality

Attention to Detail

Typos make me cringe, and I can’t stand loose ends.

I'm the "Research Queen"

One team even called me “RQ” for short… I am insatiably curious, & if I don’t know, I *will* find out. I am constantly learning.

Extroverted Introvert

I love people, and take the time to recharge my batteries, too.

Digital Native

I’ve worked online for years & know the best tools to organize a growing team & a busy entrepreneur. I’m always on top of new tools & can help you create systems that enable your business to run more efficiently.

I Love...

my Golden Retriever, Hope… coffee, penguins, British mystery TV shows, and salsa.

My Favorite Quote

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” – Leo Buscaglia

If I might be the online business/launch/social media/marketing manager you've been dreaming about....

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